Welcome! Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life, we hope our website helps you to find out everything you want to know about our Church.


Some key information about the church...


Where & when does the church meet?

We meet every Sunday at 11am for our service. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early so you can park and be ready for the service to start.

We meet at:
The Peoples Church
OX16 0AH

You can see a map on our
contact us page

There is very limited parking available in the church car park, but there is a public car park right outside which costs £1 on Sundays


What should I expect when I visit the church?

You'll receive a very warm welcome particularly from our Welcome Team who'll be able to answer your questions and direct you to where you need to go. The service lasts an hour, beginning with everyone joining in lively worship and singing after which the children and young people leave us and go to their own programmes.  There's then a sermon from one of the leaders, with a chance to respond at the end of the service.

Tea & coffee are served after the service, when you'll have plenty of time to meet new people and ask more questions.


What happens to the children at church?

We have fantastic programmes for ages 0–17. Everyone begins the morning together in the service, and then the children & young people leave to go to their age-appropriate groups.  The first time children go to their groups you'll need to go with them to complete registration forms, but after that they'll be able to just follow the crowds each Sunday!

For more information about what happens in our children's and youth work, please visit the relevant age groups sections under
Church Life.

Is there a dress code?

No! Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes.

Will I have to join in?

Not at all!
You are free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you.


How can I meet people and get involved?

One of the best ways to meet people and get involved is to join a Connect Group.  We want you to find a group of people that you can hang out with socially, grow together with spiritually and with whom you're motivated to be reaching out to others wherever God's placed you.

Why should I be part of a Connect Group?

We believe that being part of a Connect Group is where you'll grow and your life will change.  When you can get together regularly with the same group of people - where you are known, loved, celebrated, and served - that’s when you're really experiencing church the way God intended it.

How can I find out what's going on?

You can always check this website for news on events and what is coming up in the life of our church community.
Also, you can give us your details either by filling in one of our Welcome cards or by clicking
Contact Us and sending a message to the office so we can add you to our email list to receive updates.

How can I grow deeper in my faith?

Our desire is for everyone to grow deeper in their faith and relationship with God, and we want to provide other opportunities for that growth beyond our Sunday morning service.  Our Connect Groups are one way in which you can do this,  but we also run teaching courses throughout the year on specific topics which can give you the opportunity to connect with others and grow in your faith.  Check out our Get Connected page for details.

How can I become a member?

We believe it’s important to have a system of membership in order to work together towards our vision, and we would love you to join us.  We run Membership Matters courses throughout the year.  To find our more about this please contact the church office on 01295 268351.

Useful Links...

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I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them.

Please feel free to contact us. If you want to know who works in the church, check out our Staff and Leadership page.